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Ms. Angela White">Ms. Angela White
New York Weekly with Angela White

By Ryann Pierre|August 12, 2020|New York Weekly

Several reasons stand at the root of people’s desire to pursue a particular career. It could be a lack of resources, a parent’s nudge, or passion for a craft. In the case of filmmaker Angela White, it was the vision of creating opportunities and opening doors for others that motivated her to stand before the lights and cameras of the entertainment industry.

Angela White is an author, motivational speaker, and film and television producer whose portfolio of accomplishments has cemented her as a mogul in multiple sectors. This multi-degree holder is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where she obtained her Bachelor’s and is an alumna of Rutgers University, where she earned a Master of Arts degree in Political Science. Angela also obtained a Juris Doctorate degree from the New York Law School, but instead of walking the expected road and becoming a lawyer, she became the go-to manager for comedians and comedic actors in Hollywood.

Armed with the educational background and professional competence that enables her to look at the dynamics within the entertainment industry in clear-cut ways, Angela utilized her production and management of comedy shows as the launching point for the creation of The Comedy Underground Series.

Currently, Angela spearheads a production powerhouse called Silver Lining Entertainment, which produces films and television series. Her company is at the helm of an educational platform, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, that provides business strategies, coaching, mentorship, and online courses, equipping others with the skills and knowledge about breaking into the entertainment business, building more revenue, and achieving career goals.

Most recently, she established a non-profit organization at the service of people of color, women, and individuals who are financially disadvantaged. Dreamers with Purpose hopes to assist aspirants to fulfill their dreams and purpose in life.

As the first African American woman to produce and own a production company credited for a theatrically faith-based film entitled A Question of Faith, Angela has left a significant mark through her numerous works. She serves as a member of the Producers Guild of America, and her films have showcased some of today’s most talented Hollywood personalities, such as Tiffany Haddish, Omari Hardwick, Isaiah Washington, Salli Richardson, Brian White, Jay Ellis, and more.

This authority on filmmaking is always on the move, branching out into new ventures and impacting more and more people along the way. Aside from being the producer of A Question of Faith, which aired on Lifetime, she is also a producer behind two TV series that graced UrbanflixTV, and the upcoming project named Hands Up. Angela also authored the recently launched book, The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel, a resource that offers actors with actionable steps to take in creating a workable and successful demo reel guaranteed to help them obtain more work.

In a leap of faith, this household name that has been featured on Fox News, Sirius XM Radio, TBN, and ABC News, to name a few, has entered the world of screenplay writing and directing. And it is expected that she will wow the scene with her directorial debuts.

Alongside Angela’s incredible releases as a filmmaker stands her contributions toward the success of others. She has mentored thousands in the media and entertainment world, equipping them with what they need to survive and thrive in show business.

Angela has been turning the vision that prompted her to dip her toes in the industry into a reality with every initiative. And in the future, with her plans to establish a larger company that can serve as a provider of employment opportunities and as a platform for a new generation of filmmakers, she is bound to make the dreams of others come into fruition.

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