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Breaking into show business is finally at your fingertips!

I know what it takes to break into show business.  Transforming lives, guiding careers, and making stars are just as much a passion for me as making movies.  I want to be the bridge that takes you from where you are to wherever you want to go in the film industry.  I am here to prove that your dreams are attainable and to guide you on the road to achieving them. Hollywood doesn’t have to be a farfetched fairy tale, unless you allow it to be. I am committed to empowering dreamers through education, innovation, and motivation. Through an atmosphere where your potential for success in film can be harnessed, I will help bring your inner greatness and true stardom to the forefront.

You no longer have to just watch the movies, now you can be a part of the movies. 


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Through one on one training, instruction, know-how and implementation, I will personally guide you beyond what you see on the movie screen or read about in the magazines.

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions 

These sessions will provide monthly group calls and you will be a member of a private FB group, where you will be able to access industry information, daily casting calls, job postings and our monthly networking party.

Online Courses

Enroll in Angela’s online courses to gain industry insight that only Angela can provide. Choose from five courses and start learning at your own pace.

All Access Membership Site

Become a member of to get exclusive content, be the first to know about new events and promotions, and receive the best industry knowledge as soon as it’s available for a low monthly fee.