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Do you need a personal coach to help you navigate the entertainment business?

Do you want to make your movie or television dreams a reality? 

Are you the next groundbreaking actor, writer, director, or producer?

Look No Further, As The “Backstage Pass To The Movie Industry™” Instructors Have Solutions To Bring All Of Your Visions To Life. ?

What is Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry?

Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry” is an online educational platform that was founded by filmmaker, Angela White. We feature expert educators, motivational, and inspirational entertainment professionals every month to discuss their background, journey, and how they started within the entertainment industry. We like to feature various types of industry experts, such as actors, producers, directors, writers, motivational speakers, attorneys, publicists, etc., who can give thorough information and tips on how to break in and succeed within the entertainment industry. Many people from all over the world do not have access to “industry insiders,” and the school was created to help bridge the gap between “Hollywood” and the everyday person striving to break into the business. We want to pull back the velvet rope for others and create a warm and nurturing environment in an industry that some people call toxic. We believe that through coaching and advising, we can help build a new generation of actors, writers, producers, and directors. We call our students “Dreamers With Purpose,” who are just looking for a way in and to be intelligently informed that there are many ways to succeed within entertainment.

How Can I Be Apart On An Ongoing Basis?

Backstage Pass Academy (BP Academy) is the membership arm of Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry®, which focuses on coaching within a family environment.

BP Academy provides a state-of-the-art opportunity for coaching amongst peers who are just as eager to tap into the entertainment business. Complete with monthly group coaching calls, which feature experienced guest speakers twice a month, our students receive tips and advice on how to be successful within the entertainment industry, at a fraction of the cost. Our subject matter experts expose the pitfalls that exist and enthusiastically share tips on how to avoid those same missteps they have made. Our industry insiders work across all entertainment verticals and can help bridge the gap between fantasy and walking into the hallways of your deepest passion.

Are you looking for more instruction?

BP Academy Tier 2 offers a monthly master class targeted to help you become a better businessperson in the industry. From branding, building an online presence and writing an eBook, to legal terminology, understanding the corporate financial structure and writing a screenplay for beginners, the master classes are over three hours long and come complete with resource guides, eBooks, workbooks, cheat sheets, and worksheets to take students to the next level.

Upon joining Tier 2, students receive access to a personal back office account in our online membership portal, which has over thirty hours of content. If you ever miss a live session, no worries! You have access to the replays!

Sounds good?

Additionally, students are empowered by peers and colleagues in a private engagement group on Telegram to stay connected and help push each other’s presence on social media.


You haven’t heard the best part about being a member of BP Academy yet! You have the unique opportunity to travel as a group to the top film festivals in the world. All of our field trips are accompanied by a lead instructor who will introduce you to experts, movers, and shakers within the industry. As you learn the art of networking and attend master classes, you can network with your fellow students in our private BP Academy houses.

You Can Receive ALL Of This For The Low Monthly Price Of Only: 

$19.99 for Tier 1 and $30 for Tier 2. 

*You can cancel your membership at any time.

upcoming event schedule

Snippets From Past Speakers

Upcoming Field Trips

American Black Film Festival 2021

Wednesday, November 3rd – Sunday, November 7th

*You must be a student of Backstage Pass Academy for at least 3 months before November 3rd in order to join us.


Sundance 2022

Thursday, January 20th – Saturday, January 30th

*You must be a student of Backstage Pass Academy for at least 3 months before January 20th in order to join us.


Past Field Trips

sundance 2020

Field Trip to American Black Film Festival

(“ABFF”) June 2019

You Can Receive ALL Of This For The Low Monthly Price Of:

$19.99 for Tier 1 and $30 for Tier 2. 

*You can cancel your membership at any time.