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Course Overview

Are you looking for someone to guide your career or give you advice on the do’s and don’ts?  Well, “The Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry” newest program is designed for the person, who wants to shadow one of their favorite writer, director, producer or actor on a “live” set, so they can learn directly.

The “Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry” instructors prepare you to work with a mentor and match you up with someone in your desired field that is currently working on an active set.  We look for the right mentor that will match your skill set and desired outcome within the entertainment business.


The benefits of being mentored:

– Gain from the mentor’s expertise

– Direct coaching by the mentor

– Facilitates the mentee growth by the mentor sharing resources and their network

– Creates a safe environment to ask questions in order for one to grow

– Challenges the mentee beyond one’s comfort zone

– Focuses on the mentee’s development

– The ability to develop a personal and professional relationship

– Practical learning

– Training

– Support

– Access that is usually hard to gain

– Ability to be on a “live” feature film or television set

– Ability to gain an ally, within the entertainment business

– Enhancing one’s skill set

– Gain “real” insight from the mentor’s background

– Receive key critical feedback from the mentor in key areas of your development

– Learn specific skills and knowledge

– Gain a friendly ear to any frustrations that you may be encountering within the business

– Develop a sharper focus on your desired outcome

Ultimately, if you join the “Mentorship Program” this will be a 1:1 mentoring experience, with one of the “Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry” instructors and the mentor.

– 1:1 Mentoring
One on one mentoring is the most common mentoring model; one-on-one mentoring matches one mentor with one mentee. Most people prefer this model because it allows both mentor and mentee to develop a personal relationship and provides individual support for the mentee.  The program will follow this method, as we believe it will create the most successful opportunity for the mentee.

We will work hard to provide the best mentor that is available based on your availably to travel to set and participate in the full program.

We invite you to have the experience of a life time by learning from some of the best in the industry and leave the classroom and work on an active set, with one of your favorite stars, movies or TV show.