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“Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry™”

The mission of “Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry™” is to take you behind the velvet rope, beyond the red carpet and above the flashing lights, where you can better understand the inner workings of the film industry and learn how to succeed at the illusive mechanics of show business.


Our mission is to infuse you with the drive, skill set and understanding to galvanize your film industry dreams into a strategic, tactical, and clear-cut vision.


Our mission then, is to take that vision and incentivize it with goals that chart a comprehensive path to your destiny while also providing the motivational fuel to animate, excite, and stir the fire inside of you, to keep you pushing through any hurdles.


Our final mission is to align your path with mentorship and advisement (both technical and practical) as you continue the steps toward fulfilling your dream career and to aid in keeping that dream alive once you’ve reached it.



With “Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry™”…

The Hollywood Dreams that were once unreachable are now in the palm of your hands;

Breaking into show business is right at your fingertips…

The road to show business has never been clearer…

Your unbelievable dreams can now be a reality.

Get out of the Dream Zone and into Your Reality

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