In the pre-civil war era, a family attempts to escape from the horrors of oppression that are still embedded in the DNA of America today. 



In the heart of the 1855 Antebellum South, slavery is the business that fuels the engine of America. After Jessie Calhoun, a young boy, witnesses the brutal punishment of a family member who decided to escape the plantation, the Calhoun family must make a critical decision, decide if they want to stay and continue to face the everyday tyranny, or risk their lives in hopes of finding a better tomorrow. However, in this warped reality, the Calhoun family legacy is unable to escape the oppression, as, through centuries of time, the horrors experienced still haunt them. “Hands Up” is a story of how the effects and trauma of slavery have impacted and infected America today.

“Hands Up” is currently airing on Tubi, as part of the “Black Power Series” short film block. 

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Official “Hands Up” Trailer

Meet the Director

Angela White

Meet the Cast

Nakia Dillard as “Josiah”

Alfred Lewis as “Jessie”

Tamika James as “Tilda”

Dhakirah Darrell as “Adele”

Todd Wilson as “John Wayne”

Jeff Hoover as “Obidiah”

Yarc Lewinson as “Leroy”

Victoria Spencer Smith as “Mary”

Meet the Team

Brittany Mayti

Errol Sadler

Alan M. Brooks

Wendee Miller

Independent Shorts Awards

Los Angeles Film Awards

LA Live Film Fest

Humboldt Int’l Film Fest

The IFAP Awards