“Transgress” is currently airing on Tubi, as part of the “Urban Horror Series” short film block. 

Be sure to enter “Urban Horror Series” in the search tab to watch “Transgress.”

Angela White


Olivia Day

Jake Head

Jaimyon Parker

Yolanda T. Ross


On an eerie dark night, two intruders invade the home of an unsuspecting mysterious young woman, who harbors a dark secret, if awakened, could lead to the demise of mankind.


One night, two intruders, Bartholomew and Jonathan attempt to assault a neighborhood recluse named Eva. Having no idea of Eva’s real reason for sequestering herself, they awaken the monsters that live within her. When their assault turns into a horrifying surprise, the two are faced with the reality of their actions and their own demons; unknowingly placing their eternal souls in the battle between good and evil. “Transgress” takes us on a journey of guilt, redemption and vengeance.

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