Angela White Talks Pivoting and Adapting

Ms. Angela White">Ms. Angela White
US Reporter

August 13, 2020|US Reporter

While it can more likely be safer to follow the path that seems most logical – going to school, getting a job relevant to one’s degree, among many others – it pays to follow one’s heart and pursue another track, even if it means branching out into the unknown. And given the highly dynamic nature of today’s world, those who can shift gears may have the highest chance of surviving and thriving amidst life’s turmoils. 

Film and television producer Angela White initially aimed to work in public policy. But during her time in New York Law School – where she would eventually earn her Juris Doctorate – she observed the need for more diverse representation as she was booking talents for the student union. So, instead of becoming a lawyer, Angela joined the glamorous but tough entertainment industry. 

She worked with young musicians and comedians in need of representation, ultimately becoming a talent manager in the comedy and live music circuit in New York City. After venturing to California to seek out better opportunities, Angela would then begin her successful climb to the top.

As someone who entered the industry in a non-traditional way, this filmmaking mogul’s adaptability skills were put to the test. Coming from a background other than film school, Angela admittedly not only did not possess any specific training as a film or TV producer, but she also had no inkling what being a producer even meant. Despite these hurdles, Angela was able to come out in the end, alive and kicking, because of her inherent resilience and admirable work ethic.

After years of hard work in networking, researching, and learning the nitty-gritty of the procession, she is now proving to be an authority in every facet of show business. This member of the Producers Guild of America is the founder of Silver Lining Entertainment, a family-owned multimedia entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. It produces films and television series, and through it, Angela launched an education platform, called Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, which serves as a resource for those who wish to gain more knowledge in arts, entertainment, and media. 

Most recently, this household name, who has graced Fox News, ABC News, Good Morning America, Sirius XM Radio, and more, has also established Dreamers With Purpose, a non-profit organization that assists people of color as well as women and those who are financially disadvantaged in the pursuit of their dreams.

Through her films, Angela has worked with and showcased some of Hollywood’s most talented figures, including Tiffany Haddish, Omari Hardwick, Isaiah Washington, Salli Richardson, Brian White, Jay Ellis, and more. And proving that delving into the business of entertainment will not remain her only major divergent act, Angela has dabbled in the art of screen playwriting and directing. With her directorial debuts, Transgress and Hands Up, she will further position herself as a force to be reckoned with in every area of filmmaking. Moreover, she has also diversified into book-writing. She can be credited for writing a book titled The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel, which offers actors with strategies to develop workable and successful demo reels that could guarantee more work.

Angela knows that millions of other people, at any given time, are facing challenges and novel situations that can prove to be overwhelming. But through her own story, she wants to be a reminder that humans have the innate ability to adapt to whatever comes their way.

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