Angela White Teaches Aspiring Entertainers the In’s and Out’s of a Tough Industry

Ms. Angela White">Ms. Angela White

WRCB Channel 3 NBC|August 10, 2020|WRCBtv 

The movie biz is glamorous, but tough. Angela White knows this better than most. A film and television producer, Angela also works as an educator, teaching aspiring young students the do’s and don’ts of the entertainment industry, so they will be equipped with the necessary skill sets to succeed in a tough field. Her practice focuses on telling stories from a multicultural perspective that impacts others provocatively.


Angela heads her own production company, “Silver Lining Entertainment,” which produces films and television series, as well as an educational platform, “Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry,” that provides business strategy, coaching, mentorship, and online courses to teach others about how to break into the entertainment business, how to build more revenue, and business tips to enhance your career goals and create a better life.


Her background spans wider than the entertainment industry. While studying at Rutgers University for graduate school, Angela originally was aiming to work in public policy. During her time in New York Law School, however, this changed. 

“While booking talent for the student union, I witnessed the need for more diverse representation; that’s when I knew I would be in the entertainment business for a lifetime. I worked with young and hungry musicians and comedians who needed representation and ultimately became a talent manager working the comedy and live music circuit in New York City. My talent could only go so far in New York City; thus, I ventured to Los Angeles, California, for better opportunities, and there, my life would change,” Angela recalls. 


Her experience in corporate America allowed her to bridge the gap between studio executives and upcoming artists. As a person of color, Angela aims to increase representation in an industry that needs it most. 


“I can relate with a group of board members and also the creative artist on the street wanting someone to hear his new song or the actor giving a riveting monologue. Further, being a person of color allows me to serve many people underrepresented in an industry that has not been inclusive over the years,” Angela says. 


Angela was always fascinated by the entertainment industry, especially with the inner workings behind the camera and the scenes. She was particularly interested in how the singer, comedian, or actor obtained success and the people behind the velvet rope who were the conductors. 


“In college, I used to bring public speakers and entertainers to the campus, and putting on events was a natural skill set for me, and I was bit by the bug to learn more about this elusive field,” says Angela.


Staying on top of her game comes from being different from the competition and overcoming countless obstacles. Angela entered the industry in a non-traditional way, coming from a background other than film school and with no specific training as a film or TV producer within the entertainment industry. She admits to not even knowing what a producer was until my mid to late twenties. Despite these possible disadvantages, Angela was able to overcome them through hard work and resilience. 


“I had to work hard networking, researching, and learning the profession from the ground up. The process took years, but I am grateful that I stayed patient, faithful, and resilient. I am not a one-trick pony.  I have mastered learning something about everything. Being a student is vital, so when I have to pivot I can adapt to any new situation or challenge.  Always learning and studying will have you ahead of your competition,” Angela outlines. 


These elements bring Angela to her definition of success, which she sees as being truly happy with yourself and doing what you love in life. 


“When you are emotionally, spiritually, and physically at peace, you have successfully conquered life.  Finances can not make one whole, nor awards or accolades.  We are so busy trying to please others expectations or perceived image in life as this is “success” only to find ourselves years later still trying to figure it out,” explains Angela. 


Always branching out into a new venture, Angela has many new projects in the works. She produced a film that aired on Lifetime, “A Question of Faith” on Easter, two TV series aired in May on UrbanflixTV, and a project that she directed, “Hands Up,” comes out later this year. Her newest book, “The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel,” was recently released, which educates actors on the action steps to take in creating a workable and successful demo reel that will help one acquire more work by booking more auditions. And finally, Angela’s educational platform, “Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry,” is preparing to start shooting another project under the “Producer’s Bootcamp” course.


Make sure to check out more of Angela’s work here, or learn more about her educational platform: Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry.  Angela can also be found in InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.