Angela White Teaches Aspiring Artists the Ins and Outs of a Tough Industry

Ms. Angela White">Ms. Angela White
The Chicago Journal

By Christian Strauss|August 13, 2020|The Chicago Journal

Standing behind the gleaming glitz and glamor that the movie industry displays is a formidable wall that is hard to break into. And because of the blinding allure that it holds, most people blast right through it unarmed and unequipped. 

As someone who knows more about the industry than anyone, Angela White explains that although making it big is difficult, it is not as impossible as it seems. She adds that with the right blend of persistence and passion, one will survive the seemingly insurmountable mountain of trials and rise on top of it as well. 

Known for her exceptional works as a film and television producer, Angela has also gained recognition for being an educator who teaches aspiring individuals the dos and don’ts in the realm of entertainment. Clothing her students with the necessary skills to conquer a fierce battlefield, she tells profound stories from a multicultural perspective that impacts others in a striking and meaningful manner. 

Angela graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware and another degree in Master of Arts in Political Science from Rutgers University. After that, she obtained a Juris Doctorate from the New York Law School. But instead of turning into the lawyer, everyone expected her to be, she took a detour and became a manager for comedians, such as JB Smoove, in Hollywood. 

With an unconventional mix of educational and professional background, Angela was able to kick off her career in producing and managing comedy shows. From there, she took her chance and emerged as the series creator and executive producer of The Comedy Underground Series, one of the first original comedy stand-up shows from RLJ Entertainment, which is now known as the Urban Movie Channel. 

Today, Angela is taking the reins on her own production company, Silver Lining Entertainment, which produces a wide array of films and television series. On top of that, the company holds an educational platform, known as Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, that provides business strategy, coaching, mentorship, and online courses. 

Through the said avenue, she teaches others her tips and tricks on thriving in the entertainment business, such as building more revenue and other useful business know-how to enhance career opportunities. The show also features experts and inspiring entertainment professionals every month to discuss their backgrounds, journeys, and humble beginnings.

In addition, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry is currently preparing to start shooting another project under the “Producer’s Bootcamp” course. 

Since Angela is always up on her toes for new ventures, it comes as no surprise that she has a truckload of projects in the works. And just recently, she released a book entitled “The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel.”

Moreover, Angela also launched Dreamers with Purpose, which is a non-profit organization that assists people of color, women, and those who are financially disadvantaged. In line with this, she became the first African American woman to produce and own a production company that released a theatrically faith-based film called “A Question of Faith.” 

Having made her mark in the star-studded world, Angela challenged herself to write off the overarching narrative that landing a spot therein is unobtainable. Because while it is true that the path to success is bouldered with obstacles, it is also true that a person’s strength and courage will help them get through anything. 

With her wide-ranging expertise and solid experience, Angela encourages dreamers and all other driven individuals to step into their light and shine as bright as the stars. 

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